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Show me a world where Fair Play is possible

fairplay content imageMint until April 24th, 22:00 UTC
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Let the game begin

This is a story of faceless seekers struggling against the powers that be in a dystopian world. A place where financial profits are valued above compassion, dignity, and most importantly, life itself, will become a battle zone where only one side can emerge victorious.

Will you set out on a quest to join the lost souls or will you crush the rebellion to restore status quo? It’s only up to you to decide.

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What is Fair Play?

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Fair Play is a project created by a collective of like-minded individuals. We strive to exhibit works of small artists from all around the globe and bring their art to you with the power of NFT and Elrond.

This time, we will release 5,555 hand-drawn avatars, each with its own unique combination of traits. This project will fuel our future collaborations with other local artists and help their work reach a wider audience, raising the quality bar for all NFT artwork on Elrond.

The art is just a part of the bigger picture where we will develop interactive quests and gaming activities for our backers. Establishing a healthy community and bringing its members together is a thing we can’t miss out on.

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Not just ordinary NFTs
Craftsy, hand-drawn avatars in a unique style. See how they were made.

This is our Roadmap

  • Phase 1
    Community activation
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    • Community activation (Airdrop, giveaways & contests)
  • Phase 2
    PreSale Mint for Whitelisted Members
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    • Whitelisted members will be airdropped with a random “Fair Players Special Edition” — 990 unique NFTs that won’t be included in the main public Mint. The limit per wallet will be 10 NFTs. The remaining NFTs from the Special Edition collection will be burned after WL mint.
  • Phase 3
    Main NFT Drop
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    • Public mint of 5555 Fair Play NFT collection. You get a unique random collectible Fair Player where you will have a chance to get a rare Fair Player.
  • Phase 4
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    • Verifying on Secondary marketplaces, rarity tools services.
  • Phase 5
    Money Prize
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    • The Prize Pool is collected from 20% of all mint profit (PreSale+Main Drop) plus 100% rewards till the beginning of the games will be added to the prize pool.
    • Additional 10% of all mint profit will be reserved for a Grand Prize.
  • Phase 6
    The Game Begins
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    • There will be 5 winners of the Games who will share the main prize and 10 additional winners who will also be rewarded. The main prize is 5 1/1 VIP NFTs for each winner and shares the money prize pool. An additional prize for 10 finalists is a Super Rare NFT from the collection.
  • Phase 7
    2nd Game Series
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    • Before the Second Game Series, another artist from a different part of the world will be chosen to create a Game Collection. 15 Final winners of the First Game will be rewarded with Players NFTs from the start so they can automatically take a part in the 2nd game for free.
      Each Game Series reserves 20% of mint profit for a current game prize pool and 10% for a Grand Game.
  • Phase 8
    3-10 Games
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    • 3-10 Game Series with a new Art Concept and a new high-level artist.
  • Phase 9
    Grand Game
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    • In the end, after 10 Game Series, there will be a Grand Game. We will airdrop a Grand Player to each of 15 winners of each Game Series. You will get more than 1 if you won in more than 1 series.
      Only 150 Players maximum will participate in that game. They will share the Grand Prize! Each of the players will get it part:
      • 1st place — 20%
      • 2nd place — 10%
      • 3rd place — 5%
      The remaining 65% will be shared equally among the rest of the Grand Players.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Join The Community!
Mint 5,555 NFTs on April 13th, at 18:00 UTC
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